13 AprGood Morning

Ever since the bathroom construction and house insulation (which are both done and both fabulous) I have utilized my mornings for more than rolling out of bed and rushing to get to work. During construction I had to be up and alert and ready for my day so as not to get caught in a compromising outfit when the contractors arrived. I don’t tend to be completely dressed until the very last minute of my morning routine. But now that I am not running off to the Y for a shower or getting ready early to meet the contractor about shower walls I still get up a little earlier to use the mornings for myself.

In the past I would show up to work at least 10 minutes late, still half a sleep (i.e. grouchy) and focus only on getting a coffee and something to eat at my desk. Not a real career booster. But now I give myself time at home for a cup of coffee (having a Keurig coffee maker is a HUGE plus in the new routine), a toasted english muffin with peanut butter, and half a grapefruit* while watching the morning shows or reading a magazine. I now get to work on time and ready for anything**.

It’s a whole new way to start my day and my mornings really are good now. So take that Sunday night…you’re not so bad after all.

*This breakfast is 255 calories and has enough fiber and fat to keep me satisfied until lunch. Though I often throw in a mid morning apple so as not to go 5 hours without a little something.

**Shortly after my “get to work ready for anything routine” started my career did get a boost. Coincidence? I think not.