03 AprMakes you wonder.

This weekend something clicked. I suddenly went from Princess Liz to Domestic Liz, poof. Saturday after a pedicure I prepared hard boiled eggs so that Tom and I could enjoy egg salad sandwiches for lunch during the weekend (first egg salad I ever made). On Sunday I did the weekly meal plan and then went grocery shopping, alone. I got the groceries away and tended to the laundry while roasting a turkey breast for a later date. But it didn’t stop there…

Monday night roles around and while taking care of Tommy who came home early with a bad belly I cooked dinner, unassisted, with a new recipe. Mini meatloafs. Later in the evening Tom was feeling better and said dinner was awesome. Awesome. Tuesday night arrives, I take each dog on a one mile walk and come back home to once again take control of the kitchen. I made baked Cajun sweet potatoes fries and buttered cabbage to go with the prepared turkey breast from Sunday night. Wednesday night sneaks up on us and when I got home from the gym I threw some chicken breasts in the oven while I prepared white beans and escarole in a sherry broth. Thursday night needed to be a quick bite as we had to take the dogs to Camp Grandma’s and pack for Florida so I whipped together whole wheat tortellini with steamed broccoli in a spicy garlic sauce.

Seriously people, my husband is scared. Because not only have I been preparing the meals, doing the dishes, walking the dogs, grocery shopping, taking care of him, and making breakfast all week, I have been pleasant the whole time. And it’s this good mood that scares him the most.

We both hopes it sticks around. He sees me getting bored with the cooking thing but is hoping the pleasantries stick around. A long weekend in Florida can do nothing but help his cause.