16 AprWardrobe Malfunction

It’s a little after midnight on a work night. I finished watching the season finale of The Real Housewives of New York City and played a couple rounds of Sally’s Salon (until the free version expired…err!) when I go into my wardrobe room (aka guest room) to pick out an outfit for work tomorrow. And this is where things get a little tricky. See I own 27 work skirts. Two of them fit. Out of the dozen pants hanging in the room (not counting the ones already in the goodwill pile) 3 pair fit. With my recent weight loss I went from being able to wear a different bottom for months to the same pair every week. It’s time to get creative (or rich).

I showed Tom an outfit tonight and asked if it would be OK to wear next week. “Next week? Yeah it’s fine, why next week?” Because I wore a short sweater shrug to work on Friday and I need to space the style out. He didn’t have to roll his eyes at me. I did it for him.

I have to admit I don’t love everything I come up with in order to not repeat myself over and over again. But I on those days I still walk into my office with confidence and try to give the impression that this outfit totally makes sense. And hey – it’s the only thing that fits so LEAVE ME ALONE!