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I asked Tom at brunch today what his New Year’s resolution is. He said exercise. Since neither of us are morning people and one of us has to come home after work to let the dogs out we needed to establish a joint custody YMCA agreement. We decided I would keep my Tues, Wed, & Thurs classes and Tom would get Mon & Fri. We both get weekends at our leisure. Not a perfect system, but a start. Just as long as Tom doesn’t start this Friday cuz I’ll be hitting the town with the girls and will need him to let the dogs out.

After some thought I decided my New Year’s resolution would be to read more. Seriously, how much TLC can one person watch? I am pretty sure I am caught up on all episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8, Say Yes to the Dress and Little People, Big World not to mention the occasional episode of Moving Up, What Not to Wear, Miami Ink and Flip this House. Yup, time to pick up a book.

Tom and I were in Borders today (or Barnes & Noble, I really have no idea which one) and yet I resisted picking up a new title. Why? Because my nightstand has five unfinished novels and they are all yelling at me, “Finish me, finish me! Or at least *cough cough* dust me!” Poor books. The other reason I didn’t pick up a new book today is because one of the departments I work for has an underground you must read this amazing, I couldn’t put it down, book club…and I want in. I am thinking with five unfinished novels I may not exactly be picking masterpieces.

And it goes without saying that I will stick to and continue to improve my diet and exercise routines. Just today I had a little one on one with my PiYo teacher about back strength. She showed me a couple of moves on a machine that is straight out of a torture chamber to help. It started with a conversation about my inability to do one frigging push up. One people, one. Let’s make that a resolution shall we? A push up…this year.

So as I sit here and stare at my five dusty unfinished books all I can wonder is, what’s on TLC?

Happy New Year!