22 DecI can’t wait to wash my hair.

I work for fabulous people. And generous ones too. At Thursday night’s work holiday happy hour (our group tends to skip lunches and dinners and goes right to happy hour in times of celebration) a department that I work for gave me a gift certificate to the spa. I go to PiYo with the woman from that group and since she has seen my toes in class this gift makes total sense, cause eww! But a pedicure is no longer in my future, rather washing and styling my hair with Bumble and bumble. products is…Yum! The product line description says it tames flyaways. Tames flyaways? That will be a Christmas miracle.

I happened upon the way too expensive to ever buy with my own money gift set while Tom and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping today which was totally unnecessary since we were already done shopping and within budget, but somehow that didn’t stop us from getting last minute add-on presents to round out the bottom of the tree. And gift certificates, like cash, burn holes in my pockets and this particular gift certificate was no different. At the end of our Saturday before Christmas therefore it’s mandatory shopping spree Tom said he couldn’t believe I spent that much on shampoo. But really I didn’t – technically it was a gift – which is going to make my hair that much silkier (or oomphier…per the label). Lather, rinse, repeat. Can’t wait!