15 DecNew perspective on weddings.

My mother-in-law eloped today. We were invited to her house under the guise that it was a holiday party. All of the immediate family, on both sides, arrived with bells on. When in fact it was a wedding reception.

Within minutes of our late arrival Tom and I were pulled aside by his mother and her new husband for a secret. At that moment they held out their left hands which were draping with sparkling diamonds and glittering gold. I GASPED! 80% surprise and 20% disappointed.

Not disappointed for them, of course, but for us, their children. While still in a state of shock I blurted, “Now I know how parents feel when their children elope.” Then congratulations all around.

I am happy for them. I actually really wanted this for them. I guess I just wish I could have been happy for them all along. Within a few minutes, a few long minutes, I was already getting used to the idea of not being told about the nuptials before they happened. They are happy. They are glowing. And in the end they did what was best for them and I can’t argue with that.

Looking back I am really glad I told all of my friends and family about getting married. The warmth and support and love that surrounded us for the four months that lead to our wedding were just as memorable as the day itself.