16 AugSomething about today

Something about today seemed so familiar every time I saw or heard the date. I kept thinking whose birthday or anniversary is it? Tonight as I was perusing my usual blogs and websites I clicked on Madonna.com and low and behold it’s her birthday. August 16th. Now if you know me you know I love Madonna. Always have. Always will. And no lie a Madonna song just came on the XM Radio as I write this.


Happy Birthday Madonna

This is not a blog about Madonna, but oh, it could be. So just one little Madonna story before I go back to not talking about my love for her. When I was 16 the movie Truth or Dare came out in theaters. I went to the premiere and was even interviewed for the evening news as I was leaving the theater. In the movie there is concert footage from the Blond Ambition tour including the performance of Holiday. I just ate it up. The polka dot costumes, the choreography, the energy. That day I also resigned to the fact that I may never see her perform Holiday live. Now fast forward 11 years to her Drowned World Tour. I’m there. It happened. Madonna. Performed. Holiday. And with tears rolling down my cheeks I looked into my friend Mickey’s eyes and said, “I have been waiting for this moment my entire life!” He laughed at me, my flair for drama and all.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Oh the memories… I think the emotion of that moment just hit me 6 yrs later.
    Last night I did a tribute show (along with six other bands) to our lady of pop. Only Madonna covers! Can you guess what two songs I covered?
    I had a friggin’ blast. Danced ’til the break-a, break-a!

    I am loving and missing you.

  2. Liz says:

    Deeper and Deeper & Don’t Cry for me Argentina.

    Loving and missing you too.

  3. Trudy says:

    Niedersachen, kein frei, aber lange geschlafen. Kinder müssen sich um ihre Kinder kümmern und ich pflege meinen Infekt, der hat noch einmal zue..chlagense.gin Mist, mein Kopf brummt, meine Knochen tun weh…aua…will auf'n Arm.Herzliche Grüße Marianne ♥

  4. plan quote says:

    Eva: En bursdag feiret akkurat på den måten jeg vil! Skulle det ha vært bedre, skulle det ha vært fint vær på dagen og at vi var helt friske, så vi kunne gått en tur først :) Men ja, absolutt en perfekt feiring i går :)

  5. Hi Ameena! It’s my last name–Albon. Which looks simple enough, but people always get it garbled, even when I say, “A, L, B like Boy, O, N like Nancy.” In high school, I had a teacher who called me Algon all year and I thought it was just his accent until one day I discovered that was actually how he thought it was spelled. (Apparently, he never noticed how I wrote it on the papers I turned in… ) Names are such funny things, aren’t they? Yours is lovely, and I can’t even imagine some of the “interesting” ways you’ve probably seen it spelled!

  6. LMAO seriously??? bet you had to google what eloquent means. And there’s no freaking way that an 11 year old talks like this. Most adults don’t even talk like this.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 2 votes)

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