16 AugSomething about today

Something about today seemed so familiar every time I saw or heard the date. I kept thinking whose birthday or anniversary is it? Tonight as I was perusing my usual blogs and websites I clicked on Madonna.com and low and behold it’s her birthday. August 16th. Now if you know me you know I love Madonna. Always have. Always will. And no lie a Madonna song just came on the XM Radio as I write this.


Happy Birthday Madonna

This is not a blog about Madonna, but oh, it could be. So just one little Madonna story before I go back to not talking about my love for her. When I was 16 the movie Truth or Dare came out in theaters. I went to the premiere and was even interviewed for the evening news as I was leaving the theater. In the movie there is concert footage from the Blond Ambition tour including the performance of Holiday. I just ate it up. The polka dot costumes, the choreography, the energy. That day I also resigned to the fact that I may never see her perform Holiday live. Now fast forward 11 years to her Drowned World Tour. I’m there. It happened. Madonna. Performed. Holiday. And with tears rolling down my cheeks I looked into my friend Mickey’s eyes and said, “I have been waiting for this moment my entire life!” He laughed at me, my flair for drama and all.