24 AugAre you ready for some (preseason) football?

A colleague of mine is a season ticket holder for the New York Giants. The seats have been in his family since 1978. This weekend the Giants are playing the New York Jets in a preseason game. I overheard the ticket holder telling someone he couldn’t use the tickets. That’s when I swooped in. Jets tickets? Did someone mention Jets tickets? Cause my husband is a HUGE Jets fan and boy would he love a pair of Jets tickets. I barely finished speaking when he gave me the tickets. That’s when I cleared up one little thing…how much are they? Answer…free. He said that I help him out so much around the office (he doesn’t have local administrative support) that he wants me to have them. Rock on!

And what perfect timing? Tom started his new job this week and what better way to show him how proud I am than a Jets game (even if it is preseason and the tickets were free)? So we are making a little trip out of it which will include outlet shopping and spending the night in northern Jersey. And the strangest thing is that I am actually excited to go to a professional football game. I never thought that would happen. Marriage changes you in many ways.

Oh, and did I mention the seats are in the third row?! Watch for us Saturday night at 8:00 on NBC. I’ll be the one with the clueless expression on my face standing next to a very happy guy.