09 AugFlorida in August?

Take one part free lodging, a dash of airline vouchers and mix it with “use it or lose it” vacation days and you get a trip to Florida in August. Our weekend went pretty much like this…visit friends, beach, pool, beach, beach, movie, pool, pool, shopping, yard work, pool, replace vacuum belt. OK, so a couple of chores were thrown in the mix this visit. Yard work in 100 degree weather (in the shade) and a late night trip to get a new vacuum belt…totally worth it. We also tried two new restaurants and made daily trips to our most favorite breakfast nook on earth…a place on the beach called the Lighthouse…a place where donuts filled with frosting tickle your taste buds with delight…a place where the ice coffee is made exactly how I like it…a place worth visiting in August.


A little shade helps keep my husband at the beach longer than ten minutes.


An afternoon shopping in St. Petersburg.


Our doggies partied at Grandma’s for the weekend. But clearly missed us.