10 JunKilling Time

With just over two hours left before the final episode of The Sopranos I find myself with some time to kill before finding out who they kill. Its windows of time like this that I wish I had a hobby or a wee bit more motivation.

An hour has gone by since I started this post. Tom came in the office and asked if I wanted to go to Target. He probably felt like getting a good dose of florescent light when in fact we needed new bedroom curtains since I shrunk the ones we had. We also picked up a new shower caddy. I put up a little resistance on this purchase but WOW does that caddy look good. And it holds EVERYTHING! With all the house goods excitement Tom forgot to buy a car charger for his new cell phone.

I promise you life has been a little more exciting than a Sunday night pre-Sopranos Target run. The lack of motivation mentioned above may have gotten in my way from keeping the site current. But here’s a quick update…

Tom and I took a trip to see my parents on Memorial Day weekend. I did a lot of shopping…I bought twenty new items to be exact. Happy, happy! We went to our favorite restaurant for dinner Saturday night and watched the Indy 500 the next day on my parents new TV. Go Danica!

The following weekend I planned a girls night out for a friend I used to work with. She wanted to go out dancing and asked if I could round up my work girlfriends for a night out. We had a fabulous time, just one thing, my friend I made the plans for couldn’t make it…but that didn’t stop us from going out…all night.

The next morning there was a neighborhood wide garage sale. Not something Tom and I would normally participate in but we offered our lawn to his mom and she brought over a TON of crap stuff. And walked away with $100.00. Tom and I put out a couple of things and made about $40.00. Whatever was remaining we put on the curb and it was all gone by morning. I didn’t spend much time outside that day (note: fabulous Friday night out leads to dreadful Saturday morning) but Tom kept me posted with a bunch of funny garage sale stories. Later that night we spent our earnings at the indoor arena football game, a friend’s son was in the halftime show. Then a quick trip the mall and a couple of drinks at the new neighborhood bar.

And finally last week was an employee appreciation week at my work. We could wear jeans, and capris and sandals oh my! Each day was a different theme including a sports theme when I got to wear my pink Jeter jersey. The appreciation week also included a party after work one night (aka…another girls night out – love it!).

Sara and I have picked out a new theme for the site. Our computer geek is working on it but the theme is not being 100% cooperative so it may take a little more time.

There are 15 minutes until The Sopranos begins. Just enough time to publish this post, change into comfy clothes, rotate the laundry and grab some dessert from the fridge (strawberries and whipped cream).