24 MayThe Dirt Girls are one

Not knowing what we were getting into a year ago I am pleased with where we are today. Current Dirt has mostly become a place to stay in touch with friends and family. There are some who check on us daily, some who catch up here and there and some who drop in once never to return. The feedback has been positive and it’s always exciting to get comments about the posts or to hear from someone that they’ve popped in recently.

More than anything I will have this blog to look back on year after year to remind myself of moments like my Zinger addiction (which I am proud to say is over), little tidbits about the trips Tom and I took, and the second bathroom that never was (at least not yet).

I plan to continue to update the blog with both little things and life changing events, like if I ever win the lottery. Well, that I may keep to myself. (Ha! Keep something to myself. That’s a good one.) Going forward I would like to post more photos, and right now Sara and I are looking at new designs for the blog. So be sure to check back for our new look.

To my husband Tom, an excerpt from a letter I wrote you a few months back, “You started my blog for me which I enjoy very much and with every post I thank you.” I heart my geek.

So thanks everyone for stopping by, come back soon and if you’ve had a good time be sure to tip your bartender.