22 MayI say furniture you say luggage

Every once in awhile people use the wrong word to describe something or can’t think of a word on the spot. Often the person you are talking to totally knows what you mean and ignores the misspeak, offers you a word or politely corrects you. No big deal. But tonight I misspoke so many times that Tom finally pointed the following out to me: I said furniture when I meant luggage, I couldn’t think of the word garment to save my life, I described a shirt as a blank tank top not a black tank top, I called the street we were walking down Academy when we were actually on Ramsey and I said ‘going out of sale’ instead of ‘going out of business’. Going out of sale? That doesn’t even make sense.

I asked Tom what my problem was and he suggested that maybe there is something on my mind. Maybe there is. So until my brain sorts itself out don’t ask me for directions to the furniture sale.