14 MayTurns out this post is about my birthday

This is at least my third time sitting at the computer and trying to write a post. Mostly the topic that comes to mind is how wonderful my birthday weekend was, but the further it gets away from my birthday the less relevant it becomes. Lesson being, post more often.

I do want to say that more than one person brought it to my attention that I did not post about Tom’s birthday. There are two reasons, a) he is not a dirt girl and 2) he posted about his birthday here. K? Feel better everybody? Now back to me.

He got whiskey for his birthday and I got these very fun rings from Swarovski Crystal.


The rings are from Tom, the two new pair of Nine West shoes purchased just seconds later are from me. Meet my new friends Brena (in brown) and Alger (in black).

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was a night out with “the girls”. Instead of gifts our group does what the birthday girl wants (like it or not) and I chose the pizza place at the end of my street for dinner. We brought our own cocktails which for me was a bottle of Prosecco, and I mean my own bottle. We ate, drank and laughed (just a few of my favorite things). I wish I could tell you more, but you know what they say, what happens at the pizza place stays at the pizza place.

I also went to my nephew’s soccer game that weekend. When we got home my mother-in-law had a beautiful birthday brunch waiting for us. I made out with some cash from the in-laws and took it to the Clinique counter where I bought their three step face washing system. For some reason I thought, “I’m thirty three now, time for a new $60.00 face washing regimen.” What? My fellow dirt girl, her sister and mom gave me my mostest favorite perfume. A little birdie told them I was out. I smell better now. And I got the pink heart rate monitor from my parents that I wanted which has been very cute and useful now that I am spinning trying to go spinning three times a week.

Tom and I had tickets to a Yankee game for my actual birthday but I woke up that morning and mumbled, “I don’t want to go.” I know it wasn’t easy for Tom but we didn’t go. Instead we went to brunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then to see Spiderman III. Did I like the movie? Sure, the parts I was awake for.

I took Monday off just to round out a perfect weekend. I went to a 9:30 am spin class, met Tom for lunch and did a little shopping. I am sure I am forgetting some of the details of my wonderful birthday weekend, must have been the Prosecco, but the thing that stays with me the most is how truly loved I felt.


At my office they ask you what kind of cake you want for your birthday
and no matter what you say they get the Seven Layer Chocolate Cake from Vanilla Bean.