17 JunWeekend Blogger

Let’s face it. That’s what I am. There are a billion bloggers that post Monday through Friday and take the weekend off (possibly to write all of their posts and then use the savvy “Timestamp” feature) whereas I tend to wrap it all up Sunday night.

So here it goes…

When we last left off I was killing time before watching the series finale of The Sopranos. When the screen went to black I didn’t think the cable turned off but I was one of the people who thought we would get some answers after the credits. No such luck. So as you know we were all left to wonder if Tony lives happily ever after or got one in the temple. I don’t know the answer but in hind sight I like that we were left wondering. But I admit, at the time I was pretty annoyed.

Thursday I went to see an acupuncturist to treat my IBS. He did a combination of acupuncture and frequency specific microcurrent (something about accelerating healing at the cellular level…whatever…just make me feel better). After putting the acupuncture needles in my legs and arms he sat at a computer connected to little packs that were placed along my back and belly. Then I waited. I waited for over an hour for something to happen. Nothing happened because it was happening. All the turning of dials and clicking of buttons on his computer was making something happen while I waited for something to happen. When I go back this week I will know that the nothing that is happening is what’s happening. And hopefully after four visits something will happen.

Saturday, after a long day of volunteer work, Tom and I went to the Midtown Tap and Tea Room which is the new neighborhood bar at the top of our street. A lovely place, by the way. As we made our way to the front bar Tom was welcomed by the staff like he was a regular. He was greeted with hellos, handshakes, and “good to see you again.” What? Oh, that’s right, I remember now, while I am at the Y SPINNING MY ASS OFF Tom has been spending time at the local watering hole sipping Bourbon and noshing on Epinadas. And to round out the evening, as one of the bartenders clocked out she put her hand on Tom’s back and said see you next week. Funny, that’s what I say to my spin instructors.

This afternoon I took one more opportunity to relax before the work week starts and went to see the movie Waitress. It turned out to be a wonderfully perfect way to spend a humid Sunday afternoon.

And last but not least…Happy Father’s Day Dad!