05 OctGoulash

With our internal clocks still off we went to dinner at 10 pm (22:00) to the pub, Zlaty Klas, across the street from our hotel. I learned from Cafe Savoy to get the “special” not so much because it is better but rather it comes to the table much quicker.

At Cafe Savoy the specials were on the table written in Czech only and I wasn’t quite ready to ask, “what does that say?” I ordered pea soup with bread and cheese, it was really good, but took forever. Meanwhile some sort of lamb chop was being served all over the place. People were eating and leaving before our soup arrived. But seriously, the soup was delicious when it did arrive.

So when we got to the pub I asked about the specials (which didn’t translate perfectly, but we got there) and the waiter started rattling off a list of dishes when I heard goulash. Hey, I know what goulash is, I’ll get that. Tom pointed to a dish on the special page and hoped for the best.

The goulash was not ground beef with pasta but rather a beef stew, but just the beef part. It tasted very good and came with bread, two little potato pancakes (I think), and a little bite of sausage (like a kielbasa). Tom’s dish was four types of meat (chicken, beef, ham and bacon) in a creamy mushroom sauce. That was good as well and not as much food as it sounds like. And we didn’t wait while others ate. Now it’s after midnight and hopefully we can fall asleep with full bellies.

Big goulash, late night.

The first page of the menu had the house specials in photos. Tom is trying to figure out what he just ordered.