05 OctAndel, Mala Strana, Praha 5

Even with heavy downpours as we drove through the Bronx we arrived at JFK with plenty of time to spare. Everything was running smoothly, we got to our gate, enjoyed stale french fries from Wendy’s, popped a Xanax and boarded the plane. Our seats were in the emergency exit row so we had plenty of leg room. Then we sat there, on the tarmac, for two and a half hours before taking off.

We arrived in Prague at 9 am and I wouldn’t exactly say I was ready to hit the ground running, I more or less felt like puking, the Xanax wore off just in time for the landing. We whizzed through customs, purchased 5 day public transportation passes, took a bus to the metro station and 9 stops later arrived in our hotel’s neighborhood, Andel, located in Mala Strana, Praha 5. What I like to call, “the other side of the river” of Prague.

We checked in and almost immediately headed out for lunch at Cafe Savoy. The cafe is about 12 blocks north of the hotel, the walk gave us a chance to get some of the cobwebs out of our head and get a better feel of the neighborhood.

These little piggy's went to the market.

On our walk we passed the Memorial to the Victims of Communism.

Before heading back to the hotel room, to finally freshen up from the flight, we stopped at the villa Bertramka to see if Mozart was home. Here we stood in the room Mozart used to finish composing Don Giovanni. That was pretty cool.

Our hotel is next to a grocery store were we bought water for the room. I struggle with the money, I understand how much stuff costs, I just have no idea if something is expensive or not. I am still tired from travelling and hope that I adjust to the time sooner than later. I don’t understand the language, at all, and even though everyone we have interacted with speaks english, we have struggled to communicate with some, but are getting by.

Tomorrow we will start our day at the Prague Castle.