06 OctHradcany & Karluv Most

As we stated walking towards the entrance of the Prague Castle a sign caught our eye that read: “Cartier at Prague Castle”. We both did a double take and without hesitation went through this amazing exhibit of over 350 Cartier pieces. It was absolutely breathtaking and a pleasant surprise.

Then we passed by the guards and saw the sights of the Castle which included the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica and St. Vitus’s Cathedral including the 287 step walk up the South Tower.

A peek at St. Vitus's Cathedral on the way towards the Castle.

Part of the St. Vitus's Cathedral, South Tower in top left of photo.

View of the Charles Bridge from the top of the South Tower.

Vladislav Hall in the Royal Palace. You can't tell from the picture, but this room is large enough to joust in.

We took a lunch break before heading across the Charles Bridge. And yup, I went with the special again…

Knee of pork.

Then we walked across the Charles Bridge (Karvuv Most) for the first time. With photographs of over 30 statues that line the bridge, here are just a couple:

Charles IV, the bridge's namesake.

Thought y'all would like this one.

Exiting the bridge to Little Town Square.

After walking for nearly seven hours we headed back to the hotel for a nap, but first stopped for some groceries:

Just the essentials.

We however overslept and once again went looking for dinner late at night (after 11 pm), this time we were too late and ended up with just a snack, luckily I was still pretty full from the pig’s knee.

Don't judge us...we will start planning dinner time a little better.

Tomorrow we are going to the Jewish Quarter and our first venture into Old Town.