27 AugTime of Change

It’s back to school season, and for the first two or three years after (finally) graduating college I could smell the three ring binders and pencils in the air. But its been a long time since September has meant change for me. Summer comes and goes as I go about my usual routine never noticing the sale of spiral notebooks at Target, don’t need one, don’t want one.

But this September is different. I too am starting something new. With the end of summer, for me came the end of Jacki Sorensen’s Aerobics. For the past four years I have been going to aerobic and step classes three times a week. I had a wonderful teacher, Diane, who had a wonderful assistant Jeanette, and a class full of wonderful women. It was wonderful. But I felt as though I plateaued in my fitness goals, became complacent, got stuck in a routine. Hence, a time of change…

I now belong to the North Albany YMCA. It’s a lovely new facility about a mile from my office. Diane’s not there, no one cares but me if I come or go, and I have NO IDEA why all the machines are flashing at me. But I’ll get it. Eventually.

Fitness will continue to be a priority in my life. It will be harder now to set my own schedule, harder to learn new routines and machines, harder because I will miss seeing my friends every week. But it is my goal to work harder too. So it sounds like a good fit for me, for now.