28 MayCountry Roads

An unforeseen and pleasant finding with my new cycling hobby has been the amazing country roads I have rode down, and right here in my own backyard. I have seen places I’ve never seen before, and probably never would have.

I’m a city girl, always have been, always will be. You put me in the country for too long (more than an hour) and I start to shake. Why aren’t there any sirens lulling me to sleep or waking me up? Where are your neighbors and why can’t I see into their living room from your kitchen? Sidewalks, street lights, walking distance to a Stewarts anyone? But for some reason when I cycle through the country I absolutely love it and it has been a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

Along these roads I:

Heard a cow sneeze. No lie. I heard a sneeze, looked towards the field, saw only cows.

Peddled along side galloping horses. When they see our pack coming, they run with us. Truly, honestly, amazing.

Have turned onto roads and been stunned, jaw dropping stunned, with its beauty. A perfect line of trees, or one standing alone, farm houses worthy of a magazine covers, fields of wild flowers, the beginnings of this seasons crops.

See quaint little towns (with yummy little bakeries) I only heard about and thought were so, so, so far away.

Ride alongside lakes and rivers that sneak up on me as I come around a bend, making that climb absolutely worth it.

Smell the lilac trees reminding me of what a perfect Spring day it is. Even seeing white lilacs among the purple.

Think to myself, I should bring Tom here to see and smell and experience all of this.

So no, no moving out to the country for me. But yes, yes I love all of the new discoveries cycling has brought me…along the country roads.