22 MayHot Pink Tweets

I liked my most recent background theme, the notebook looking one, but it didn’t like me. It wasn’t user friendly, in my opinion. And to spare my husband the aggravation of needing to help me with every little tweak I found a new theme. A hot pink one because hot pink is my Summer ’09 color.

And I dusted off my twitter account. I did this with the intention of having it run on my blog, see right hand column. There are many times when I have a thought or two I want to post but for various reasons it doesn’t make it to the blog: it was a fleeting thought, I’m not home, too tired to turn on the computer, forgot what I wanted to say, would only be a one sentence post, etc, etc. So I thought if I added twitter to the blog you could keep up with my day to day. No, no, don’t thank me, it’s my pleasure. And if you mention that I have a twitter account to my husband he will, I promise, deny it. The horror!