18 AprHooked

I finally made it to the open road on my new (used) road bike. Thanks to many early birthday gifts I went out for the first time with new cycling shoes clipped into new pedals. I was so, so, so nervous about my feet being attached to a bike but guess what? I didn’t fall over. As a matter of fact I can’t imagine NOT being clipped to my pedals.

According to Map My Ride, Becky and I did 19 miles today. I insisted on our river route since it’s mostly flat. I definitely underestimated how long it would take to adjust to a road bike, because it took all of two seconds. I was instantly hooked to the smooth ride and quick pace. I was even a little disappointed when we got back to the parking lot. That’s it? We’re done? Time to go home?

Going forward we will add more hills and miles to our route as we are “in training” for our 50 mile Tour de Cure ride in June. There are a couple of tweaks I want to make to the bike, minor things like moving the seat back and bringing the handle bars a little closer, but all in all it was a smooth ride today.