28 MarPretty Red Bike

This year my bike riding partner decided to put away her mountain bike and invest in a road bike. After many years and miles of riding the Tour de Cure with knobby tires and a heavy bike frame that it was time for something that can really move. And if I wanted to keep up I needed a road bike of my own. So I too decided to buy one.

Seemed simple enough. Until I actually went to a store (or five) to buy a bike. Never mind the sticker shock (I love how $800 – $1,500 is considered entry level) what I really wanted to know was what the hell is a derailer? You shift it how? Who is this Shimano guy anyway? And now you are telling me that the bike doesn’t come with pedals? And those pedals I need to buy SEPARATELY require expensive shoes and those shoes, while hooked to the bike, will make me fall over and embarrass myself at least once, if not numerous times? Not to mention a good pair an expensive pair of riding shorts, because my ass will hurt, I’ve been warned. What have I signed up for?

With so many questions and a whole new vocabulary, I went back to the drawing board and did a little research, which mostly consisted of calling my brother. However, over the course a few weeks I got a pretty good picture of what I wanted in a bike, not only that, but what I really needed. Guess what, you don’t HAVE to clip into your pedals and risk falling over and embarrassing yourself. But I still wasn’t comfortable with the price tag. Especially for me, a weekend warrior that lives in a very snowy state.

So what’s a girl to do? Swipe the credit card and go for it? Not so fast. There’s must be a list of used, more reasonably priced bikes for sale in my area, somewhere. And there it was, a road bike, my size, with the components I wanted, with a price tag that didn’t include a comma, even the color I wanted, and PEDALS.

So after a few emails I found myself in the parking lot of a fraternity house just across the river. I hopped on the pretty red bike, took it for a spin, knocked $130.00 off the asking price, handed over the cash, strapped the bike to the back of my car and was off, grinning ear to ear.

As happy as I am with me pretty red bike, there is a trade off to buying used from a private party. Mike, the fraternity brother who sold it to me, didn’t include one year free service, he didn’t take my measurements (he may have noticed my measurements) and adjust the handle bars and seat to my exact specifications. And the pedals and clips that came with the bike are actually too nice for what I need and therefore I will have to buy pedals after all (and one day I will clip in, I promise). So the great deal came with a little work. I haven’t made it onto the open road yet, but I’m getting there. And once I get going, there may be no stopping me.

Totally wanted to add a photo here, but once again I need assistance from my lovely husband and he is sleeping. So stayed tuned.

PS I am now accepting donations for this year’s Tour de Cure. Thanks y’all!