04 DecThat’s not my coat.

My girlfriends and I went to a show* tonight. It started at 7:30 so after work we went for a couple of drinks to pass the time, that and we like going out for drinks, when I overheard this conversation:

A woman asks the bartender for a napkin with soda water on it because her friend spilled her martini on her own coat. To which the friend responds, “That’s not my coat.”

No, no it wasn’t her coat. IT WAS MINE. So I took it off the back of the chair and slinked it across my lap. The women who spilled the drink disappears into the crowd and the woman with the soda water asks for the coat back because she works with fabrics and explained to me how I could fix it when I got home. “It’s the lining of a wool coat, or what I assume is wool.” Bitch. Give me my coat. I have another bar to hit before the show.

Show was fun**. Goodnight.

* Yes, we went to the Pay What You Will showing. What can I say? I like a bargain.
**Ten dollars – that we paid for the tickets – fun.