22 NovA few of my favorite things…

No, this isn’t a Christmas wish list. Just a little post to mention the things I am totally digging right now…

Cardona’s Market. It’s a green olive heaven. We stopped in tonight for meatballs and I walked out with a variety of deliciously stuffed green olives. They totally kicked the supermarkets green olive’s asses!

Coccadott’s Cake Shop. Seriously I have to stop driving down Central Ave. My car automatically swoops into their parking lot. I now bring a cake with me everywhere. Cocktails at 5:00, no problem I’ll bring the cake. Dinner party at 7? Count me and a cake in. Saturday night with nothing to do? How about a cake with that post? A guy friend of mine called today for directions to Coccadott’s. “Two doors down from the strip club” I said. He found it, no problem. I’ll be having some of the cake he ordered on Tuesday. Counting down the minutes.

And speaking of giving directions for cake. Liz Lemon’s rambling on where to find cupcake’s in New York City this week on 30 Rock was the funniest think ever! “McEnroe, give me a break, I’m on it.” and “Also, don’t over think it, Sara Lee frozen, unbelievable.” How did I miss the first two season of that show?

Another one of my favorite things is our warm house. Nothing a little insulation and new furnace couldn’t fix. We also threw in an on-demand tankless hot water heater. I used to get out of the shower when the hot water ran out, now I am tempted to stay in there for days! The best part about it, between the National Grid and NYSERDA rebates the hot water heater paid for itself instantly! It’s good to be green.

I’ve also been enjoying Tuesday night PiYo and pancakes. Not at the same time, though I may be on to something here.