20 JanNot Farm Fresh

My mom was in town for a small family reunion this weekend and before she headed back home this morning we went to brunch. She ordered a veggie omelet that sounded delicious but nearly spit it out on her first bite, something was not quite right with the eggs. When we asked the waitress about the eggs she informed us, rudely, that they were liquid eggs and if you don’t like them she will take the omelet off the bill and promptly walked away from the table. Minutes later the owner came out and explained that they only served liquid eggs for health reasons and that the menu did not state farm fresh eggs anywhere. Which he repeated at least three times, “I must reiterate that the menu does not state farm fresh eggs.” Huh? Tom ordered the french toast and I have to tell you, not so good dipped in liquid egg.


But don’t worry, we didn’t let one bizarre foam omelet get in the way of an otherwise delightful weekend with family.