05 AprSpring Break ’07

OK, so Tom and I technically don’t get a Spring Break. But guess what, we went to Florida anyway.

March 30th
When we visit Florida we stay at my parents place which they rent during “the season” which is January, February and March. March 30th is the day Tom and I flew to Florida. March 30th the tenants were still there. March 30th we found someplace else to stay.

How convenient is it to have friends in Tampa? Seriously if it weren’t Adam and Audrey taking us in we would have slept on the beach, which at first sounds nice, but then I’m pretty sure we would have gotten arrested for sleeping on the beach and then our first night in Florida would have been in jail and then when we did call Adam and Audrey it would have been for bail.


Our neighbors got a new double wide. We couldn’t be more jealous!

The Lighthouse and Sunset
No time to waste Saturday morning. Straight to Indian Rocks Beach for our most favorite thing ever. Breakfast at The Lighthouse. Ice coffee made just the way I like it, donuts that put Krispy Kreme to shame and a breakfast sandwich for good measure. After a quick bite we zip across the street for some beach time. But not a ton of beach time. I am married to the whitest man EVER. I think somewhere in our vows it said: I, Liz, promise to never let you, Tom, get a sunburn even if it means I have to give up valuable tanning time on the Gulf of Mexico on the most beautiful, sunniest, slightly breezy day ever. Later that night we went to Treasure Island to watch the sunset where we spent over an hour on the beach in which no tan was achieved.


Don’t be fooled.
He’s holding the fishing pole for a kid whose hook got caught in the rocks.


Sunset by jet ski.

I Love You Danica
Sunday…the day I have been waiting for…race day. We went to an IndyCar Race, the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Also known as the day I got Danica Patrick’s autograph. I went from 32 to 12 years old in less time than it takes Danica to go from 0 to 200 mph. “I love you Danica!” Yes. I said it. Loudly. To her. Ugh.


Just seconds before “Driver’s Start Your Engines”


Just seconds after going from fan to psycho fan.

Da Pool
Tom’s favorite place on earth. If we weren’t at the beach, visiting friends, eating donuts, catching a sunset or confessing my true love to a female race car driver then we were at the pool. Twice a day, every day. Once before the sun was too high and once after sun went gone down (see vows above).

Lessons Learned

Last year we went to the same race and I left as a lobster. This year I wore a sunblock with an SPF higher than a four.

Keep the lines of communication open with my parents regarding the tenants travel plans. I am sure they are nice people and all but pretty sure they don’t want Tom and me as roommates.

Get Tom a skim board and a football. Keeping him distracted at the beach (and lathered in SPF 500) might buy me more time in the sun.

Acting 12, though as embarrassing as it seems now, was really fun at the time.


We came back to snow.
Till next time.