23 MarPain in the Neck

This week was a toughie. I woke up Saturday morning sick as a dog. Headache, sore throat, and very, very achy. Every joint in my body hurt along with my lower back. Something hit me and hit me hard. Luckily by Sunday I was already feeling better but whatever it was it has decided to settle in my sinuses. I sound like I am plugging my nose when I talk. And then to top it off I woke up Tuesday morning with a knot in my shoulder that would not quit. Though it is better I still can’t look all the way to the right. A friend at work has been nice enough to give me shoulder rubs throughout the day at my desk and my husband has been lathering me up with IcyHot before bed. It only took him one night to realize he should take out his contacts BEFORE covering his hands with that stuff – ouch! I packed my gym bag everyday this week and everyday at 5:00 the heating pad won out over the gym. Oh but don’t you worry Arc Trainer, I’ll be back!

This weekend we will get organized for our trip to Florida. We leave Friday. A trip to Target for travel size toiletries is in store along with a new supply of quart size baggies. I never knew that size could be so convenient in the kitchen until the new travel rules came out. All of a sudden leftovers, walnuts, raisins and marinated chicken went into a quart size bag (not all at the same time of course – though I do like almond slivers on my chicken). We will also be going to my nephew’s Karate tournament, watching the first IndyCar race of the season (Go Danica) and stopping at H&M. Why H&M? Because Madonna’s new clothing line is now in stores silly (and I am so getting those sunglasses)! I will also attempt to make it to the gym both days, I mean my bag is already packed. And a funny thing about my bag being packed all week is that I would switch out my workout outfit each day. What’s up with that? Issues.

Hope this post finds everyone in good health. I know that a dose of sun along the Gulf of Mexico is just what the doctor has ordered for me!