11 MarGame Nights

Last night I played a couple rounds of Shrek Operation and two rounds of Sorry with my six year old nephew. The last time I played Sorry with him we didn’t agree on the rules and it wasn’t as much fun. This time there were no temper tantrums by either one of us.

Two weeks ago Tom and I took him to see a Patroons Basketball game. We all had such a good time that we went again this weekend. Our nephew is engaged with the game, watching the score, keeping us updated when we are ahead or behind. When our team is losing he will say, “it doesn’t look good.” This weekend when the game went into overtime he got up on his feet and pumped his arms when we scored and screamed “DEFENSE” when the other team had the ball. We were all so excited when the Pats won, high fives all around. At halftime he enjoys a package of Starburst, saving an orange one for last. The team mascot, Lido the Panda, even sat right next to him! When we get home he retells the nights events to his mom and grandma.

Our schedules don’t allow for any more Patroons games this winter, but for now we are planning a trip to the Y to play our own game of basketball and a dip in the pool of course.


Little Surgeon