19 FebMy Sneaky Valentine

The night before Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Eve if you will, Tom came to my office just minutes after I left for the day. He knew I was headed for a spinning class and I wouldn’t be working late. The front doors of my building lock automatically at 5:00 and the door to my part of the building is locked 24/7. Somehow he made it to my desk and left a cookie bouquet for me to find in the morning. On Valentine’s Day my colleagues tried to convince me it was from all of them, but I knew my little cupid had been there. Sneaky surprises like that are Tom’s trademark.


Heart shaped frosted sugar cookies, my fav.

Meanwhile, it was a good thing he personally delivered the yummy bouquet himself as Valentine’s morning a Nor’easter was just rolling in. The office closed early and it took me 45 minutes to get home when it usually takes ten. You know things aren’t going well when a city bus is coming towards you, in reverse. And when a woman on cross country skis passes you in your car. The worst part was the McDonald’s lot wasn’t plowed and I really wanted a Big Mac to ease my stress.


Whizzed right by.

The snow had barely cleared when my mom and I drove to Massachusetts to see family. My mom spent the night at our house and in honor of her arrival we finally had the new dining room furniture delivered and we rearranged the guest room to be extra comfy cozy. Making the trip with my mom to see cousins and their families, my aunt, and especially my grandma made for a perfect weekend. We may not see each other often, but they are all always in my heart.


First cousins once removed.