11 MayDay 4: Hillerød, Helsingør, Hornbæk & Dragør

On Tuesday we borrowed a car and headed north of Copenhagen.

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, aka The National Historical Museum which is lined with a ton of portraits.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and lots of green space. A great place for a picnic and bike ride.

Kronborg Castle near the town of Helsingør. This is the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

And home to Holger Danske. According to legend he slumbers here until the day Denmark is in grave danger, at which time he will arise and save the nation. This photo is from Wikipedia because Holger is in the dark, cold basement that was just a little scary so I forgot to take a photo.

This photo of Kronborg is also from Wikipedia...this angle wasn't easily available to me.

After visiting the two castle we headed to Hornbæk for a walk on the beach.

Houses overlooking the water.

A house with a thatched roof in Hornbæk.

Friends at the beach.

We ended the day having dinner in a town back near Copenhagen called Dragør. It was getting dark (which happens around 9 pm) so I don’t have photos, but it was lovely.