04 SepLabor Day Vaca

I got a $100.00 pair of Michael Kors shoes for $21.00. Now I ask you, does the rest of the weekend really matter? Well, I am going to share anyway. Follow along…

Friday night…dinner with my parents at Francesca’s Cucina in Syracuse’s “Lil Italy.” Cute waitress, great food, live music. It was a very entertaining and lively night.

Dinner by candle light

El fresco and by candlelight.

Saturday…an excellent cycle class at the Y, a trip to the farmers market where I got my beloved concord grapes, and a productive trip to Lord and Taylor where I got a $130.00 blazer for $25.00 (and more). My dad cooked us dinner and the baseball game was rained out. We ended up at the mall.

rained out

Translation…go to mall, buy awesome shoes.

Sunday morning…yummy, yummy blueberry pancakes made by my dad. On the road to Cooperstown where we visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame and took a tour of the Ommegang Brewery.


Those be Jeter’s sneakers.


Beer tasting at Ommegang.

Monday evening…BBQ with Sara and her family. And a surprise homemade bread pudding dessert compliments of Brendan.


Sara says, “Brendan, your sauce sounds dirty.”