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OK, so a couple of people left comments about not caring for or knowing who Derek Jeter is. I felt as though I had to defend my choices in hot, irresistible, unattainable men. But that’s not what this post it about, not completely.

Tom and I met in the summer of ’98. It was the height of baseball season and fast approaching playoffs. It was also the beginning of a lifelong relationship between me and Derek, I mean Tom. We wanted to spend time together, but maybe a little more importantly, Tom wanted to watch the Yankees.

In an effort to have the best of both worlds Tom told me there was a guy on the Yankees team that all the ladies thought was attractive and could I pick him out? A challenge? A “can I pick out the hot guy challenge?” You’re on. I noticed Derek right away but played it cool, “Who that guy? He’s not so cute.” But he was SO cute and I’ve been a Yankee fan ever since. Cause damn.

Tom got his girl and his game and I got Derek…sort of…well, not really.


The sign I made October 21, 1998.
We watched the game together.