13 JulSummer Snoozing

Snoozing is what I have been doing when it comes to updating this site. It seems to have taken the summer off. But I haven’t. So I will once again defer to my camera to recap some of the happenings of the past month:

    Fourth of July Eve with “the girls”.

One of my girlfriends has a boat and as much as I loved our day on it, I am glad it’s not mine. There’s a lot involved for such a leisurely lifestyle. I know for my friend it’s totally worth it. And for me it was totally worth visiting.

    A night at the ballet.

A job perk. Our office sponsored a not-for-profit event this evening and lucky for me I got to go. It was the New York City Ballet performing Robbins at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

    Visiting Family

My brother and his family were in the area visiting my parents from down south. We went to the zoo, read books, took a trip to the farmer’s market, and played, and laughed. And maybe a trip or two to Lord & Taylor as long as I was in town.