07 FebBetter late than never.

January 29th was the date I chose to reach my goal weight. It’s my wedding anniversary and just over three months from the first day of my diet. An attainable goal. January 29th came and went while my weight plateaued right over my goal, laughing at me. For weeks the scale would say you only have one pound to go, now you have three pounds to go, getting closer two pounds to go, oh sorry, three pounds to go. Hovering just over that damn number. But with 28 pounds already lost I wasn’t going to let the scale get me down since it’s been so good to me lately.

Then Sunday morning I weighed myself at the Y just before my Pilates class. The scale landed right on my goal. My first thought was the scale was off. It’s not the scale I use on a daily basis so it just must be calibrated differently. Then Monday morning I weighed myself again on my normal scale and there it was, the number I have waited to see for months, well years really. And it’s been holding there ever since.

This is my new heavy weight. A weight I don’t want to go above. Now, if I were to lose 10 more pounds I wouldn’t complain. But for now I am happy right where I am.