21 JulContent Coming Soon?

My mother wants to know.

So what happened? I wanted to do my own thing, have my own blog, blah, blah, blah, so where are the posts? Well here are a couple of excuses I came up with in the shower just now…

Its been too hot. I have a desktop computer (as opposed to a laptop) and therefore write posts in our home office. And that room has been hot, melt your brain hot. Even on evenings that have been comfortable outside, the heat has been trapped inside. Granted, we have a window air conditioner for the office. I’m looking at it right now. Sitting on the floor.

I didn’t know where to start. I kept a list of things I wanted to post about during the blog transition. But once the site was up and running I didn’t write about the old or the new and then felt like I got too far behind and ended up not writing at all.

To blog or not to blog. I took the transition as an opportunity to debate if I wanted to continue a blog or not. I do want to document in writing what happens in my life. Pre-blog it was a a shoe box full of ticket stubs, concert programs, photos and receipts but never a place for my words (and journals are so 1992). So when I started a blog the stories in my head had a place to go. And I have decided to continue putting them here. Of course the shoe box will still be around too.

Here’s hoping this entry will open the flood gates again.

OK, no more excuses. Let’s move on and start talking about, well, me.

I told Tom last night that if I was super motivated I would wake up Saturday morning and take the 8:30 a.m. spinning class followed by a sculpting class and if I was just motivated (not super motivated) I would just go to the sculpting class. At 8 a.m. I kissed Tom good-bye and told him I would see him around 11:00 (super motived). I was home by 9:00. When I got to the spin room the class was full and I decided not to hang around for an hour for the sculpting class. For some reason the thought of hopping on a cardio machine or walking the track didn’t seem that appealing to me when I was all geared up to spin.

But why waste a perfectly good workout outfit? So I woke Tom up and asked if he wanted to go for a bike ride. He recently bought a new bike and with a minor seat adjustment I am able to ride his old one. Knowing that he wouldn’t jump out of bed for this offer I brought reinforcement…french vanilla coffee and an onion bagel with butter. I knew that would at least get him out of bed and then I would guilt him into the bike ride. “But look how cute I am in a spandex t-back shirt.” (OK, so not that cute.)

So after a bit of mumbling and grumbling we somehow got both bikes down to the trail and had a lovely ride along the Hudson River. It took me a second to adjust from my spinning mentality to a real bike mentality. Like when I went to adjust something the bike wobbled, my feet weren’t strapped in, and on certain terrain I actually lost resistance. But I loved it. We left the bikes in the car so we could go again Sunday morning. Who needs a crowded spin room on a lovely Saturday morning anyway?

Ahh, blogging, it feels good to be back.