21 MayFour Days in Stockholm

We wrapped up our vacation in Stockholm. Melissa and I took three trains from Karlskrona to get there including the X2000, Sweden’s high speed train. That was a very European experience for me. Stockholm, to me, has a different feel than Copenhagen, it’s a more metropolitan city with a faster pulse, but also very old and beautiful.

Parts of Stockholm have a big city feel...

...but with many old streets (this one is in Gamla Stan)...

...and grand buildings.

Stockholm is made up of fourteen islands.

And was founded by Birger Jarl around 1250. Which was also the name of our hotel...Birger Jarl.

The Södermalm neighborhood is part of the backdrop of the Stieg Larsson Millennium Triology. This is the 7 Eleven Lisbeth Salendar went to to stock up on Billy's Pan Pizzas.

Fiskargatan 9, Lisbeth bought the penthouse at this address after helping herself to the Wennerström money.

While in Stockholm we also visited:

The Vasa Museum: which has an intact ship that sunk in the Stockholm harbor in 1628. These are backgammon boards found on the ship when it was salvaged.

Drottningholm Palace: where the King and Queen of Sweden currently live.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm: which has the treasury where the Royal Jewels are on display (no pics of the bling allowed). This is also where we watched the changing of the guards.

The Nordic Museum: which has beautiful exhibits on Swedish traditions, folk art, and the Sami people (arctic indigenous people). The building alone is something to see. Pic complements of Wikipedia.

Skansen: an open air museum and zoo founded in 1891. Including an old fashioned bakery. That pretzel shape is now the symbol for bakeries in Scandinavia.

The Swedish Museum of Photography (Fotografiska): they had about a half dozen exhibits including works by Albert Watson (this is one of his photos).

I am back home now (and think it is much later in the day than it really is). I had an amazing two weeks exploring parts of Scandinavia and wouldn’t hesitate to return to Copenhagen or Stockholm. They are both beautiful and friendly cities, I felt welcome and at home in both.

Random side note: since all of our stays were in coastal towns I have since developed a new obsession with anchors…they are everywhere…how could you not fall in love them?

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank Zaza for being an amazing tour guide in Copenhagen and for opening her home to three crazy Americans. It was also her first time to Stockholm, but oddly enough, she was a great tour guide there as well. I especially enjoyed our time together in Södermalm. I miss you and hope to see you soon, on my continent or yours.

This was the very last photo taken on my camera. Cheers!

Up next? Ireland…Spring 2012!