27 JanLake Placid Gone Wild

I am back from my trip to Lake Placid with a group of girlfriends. We had a wonderful time letting our hair down, laughing a ton, and dancing the night away. It was so much fun we didn’t even notice the subzero temperature – just kidding – we noticed. I wish I could tell you more, but you know what they say, what happens in Lake Placid stays in Lake Placid. As a group we are already planning our next trip.

Lake Placid is one of those places I wish I could wiggle my nose and be there. It’s a beautiful drive to a quaint little town with an Olympic past, just one problem, the two hour drive entails winding roads and high elevations which is a recipe for headache and nausea on my part. As soon as I forget how bad the drive was, I’ll be back.

As promised, photos of the mountains…


View from the Crowne Plaza bar.


A mountain of food and drink.


Next time I will stay long enough to explore more.