19 JanYou’ll Gain It Back

While walking the dogs last night we stopped at the Mobil station at the end of our street for some Thursday night TV snacks. First I went in while Tom watched the dogs then he went in. He asked me if I got Zinger’s or Orange Cupcakes (both equally delicious). I told him I didn’t see the Zingers and Cupcakes and to please tell me where there are immediately so I can go back in and get some. So here I am two minutes later buying more crap I don’t need. The cashier (who I think is the owner) took the opportunity of my pigginess to tell me about his wife’s struggle with weight using is arms to puff himself out to describe her size. I felt necessary to explain that I won’t eat all of these goodies in one night and that I recently lost 20 pounds. With a straight face and in all seriousness he said to me, “You’ll gain it back.”