10 DecWeekend Wrap Up

WARNING: This post may cause drowsiness, do not read while operating heavy machinery.

Chapter One: Heavy Lifting
Friday night Tom recruited his friend Tony to help us move furniture. Tom’s grandma is now in a nursing home where she is doing quite well, especially socially, which is important at any age. So we (i.e. Tom and Tony) packed up Tony’s truck, my mother-in-law’s jeep, and my Civic with furniture for our house. We now have a new bedroom set for our guest room, a couch, a beautiful antique bookcase, some lamps, and other things I can’t remember right now. I helped by getting in the way and waiting for the pizza. Not helping can make me very hungry. Anyway, thanks for the help Tony.

Chapter Two: Kung Fu Fighting
Saturday morning was our nephew’s first karate tournament. He made us so very proud. The judge asked if he needed any help, he said no, the judged asked if he can do it by himself, he said yes. And he did! We left before he competed in a second competition and before the trophy ceremony (he came in third). I can only sit in a grade school gymnasium for so long before I can’t take the smell, noise, and germs any longer. Love ya guy, you did great, but I gotta go.

Chapter Three: Sour Steps
Off to the Y…One thing I loved about my old aerobics program was the step class. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I have since taken a couple of step classes offered by the Y. Two different locations, two different teachers. And I hate it, hate it, hate it. I did not come out of either class feeling good. When I step off the Arc machine dripping in sweat, I feel good. When I hop off the stationary bike after spinning class, I feel good. When I leave my weekly muscle conditioning class after being able to do more reps with heavier weights than last week, I feel good. I have yet to find a step class at the Y that makes me feel good. So, I’ll pass for now.

Chapter Four: Not Pumping Iron
After my not so great step class I raced right over the red cross for my 12:45 appointment to donate blood where I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally it was my turn to answer “no” to about 50 questions that I answered no to last time I was there. Did you live in a country you’ve never heard of for more than 5 months between 1970 and 1985…STILL NO. But this time I never made it to the prison and tattoo questions. I flunked my iron test. What’s weird about this is that I recently started taking a daily vitamin with 100% daily iron. And here’s another funny thing, the list of foods high in iron they gave me are just about the only foods I eat. So what’s up with the low iron? They told me to try again in a month and eat a whole lot of raisins the week before. Great. Can’t wait.

Chapter Five: The Almost Perfect Gift
After flunking my iron test Tom and I headed out to do some Christmas shopping. Next person on my list? Tom. He sort of found out that I got him an Adidas outfit to wear to and from the gym. That’s because I soft of told him. But since he already knew about it what’s the harm in taking a look at the other colors, sizes and styles, just to make sure the perfect one is under the tree. No, he’s not high maintenance at all. And yes he got a different color and size. Then off to Target where Tom picked out a couple more Christmas gifts, for him, from me.

Chapter Six: Burger Please
What better way to wallow in low iron pity than to eat a big juicy burger. And I did just that.

Chapter Seven: Merry Christmas to Me
Saturday night I had an incredible urge to shop at Macy*s. While I was shopping Tom went and bought my Christmas gift. I didn’t pick it out but I have a pretty good idea what it is. He was carrying around a little (be it nano) bag from the Apple store. Hmmm. Anyway, there were deals to be had where I was, and yes, it’s all for me:

Silver heart and star charm bracelet originally $130.00 purchased for $40.00.
Fresh water pearl bracelet (five strands) originally $70.00 purchased for $14.00.
Red wool tailored jacket originally $100.00 purchased for $45.00.

Chapter Eight: Coach Potato
We rearranged our furniture on Sunday to incorporate our new coach. I would love to tell you more about it but I am really tired and probably lost you around Chapter Three anyway.

Hope your weekend was as full and merry as ours.