07 NovUninformed Voter

In the Capital Region, like in many places, there were some candidates who took up valuable TV time with mud slinging, accusatory, and down right nasty advertising. These ads were a constant assault on my senses. In particular were John Sweeney vs Kirsten Gillibrand. The insults and dirty laundry were so overpowering that it practically discouraged me from voting tonight. Then I thought, well, there’s always the Green Party. Here’s the thing, when I got to the polling place I found out that Sweeney and Gillibrand are not even running in my congressional district. What? I had to fast forwarded through hundreds of back to back screaming matches and whine fests and they weren’t even on my ballot? Ugh.

Just one other thing I was slightly uniformed about…the four proposals on the ballot. Oops. Guess skipping right to the Leisure Section of the Times Union may have prepared me for fall fashions but not these four proposals.


I’m Liz M. and I approve this message.